Adult-Entertainment Merchants: increase revenue, customer retention with live chat

shutterstock_561561382Live video chat services Streamate, IMLive and VideoSecrets together have more than 100,000 models streaming 24/7, and are the market leaders in providing live chat content to adult entertainment providers around the world. Did you know that SegPay has partnered with all three to offer these services to our merchants in the adult space? It’s true, you can white-label one of these live-streaming chat services – offering it to your members under your own brand – and generate a new, consistent source of revenue.

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Use Retention Offers to Keep Your Customers

SegPay merchants that set up retention offers have retained over 5% of customers who initially wanted to cancel.For online subscription-based businesses, customer cancellation (or churn) is a normal part of life. You can offer the best service at the best price, and you’re still going to lose customers eventually. Unless you are personally handling customer service, there’s rarely a chance to respond to a cancellation request the moment it happens. If only there was a way to reach out and try to entice a customer with a personal, last-ditch appeal to reconsider. Wouldn’t that be great? Retention offers let you do just that, by presenting your customer with a discount offer the moment he or she clicks the Cancel button or tells your customer support rep to end their subscription.

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