Segpay is Going Back to Cali (Colombia) for LALEXPO 2018

Segpay is attending LALEXPO, one of the biggest trade shows in South America, February 19-21 in Cali, Colombia. LALEXPO brings together many of the region’s major webcam companies, a fast-growing segment of Segpay merchants, and of online subscription services in general. Segpay has been working closely with a number of these “cam” merchants to identify measures that address the special risks these services face, such as the relative ease with which consumers can accumulate charges while chatting, exposing merchants to a high risk of chargebacks.

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Recapping Internext, XBiz and AVN

(L to R) Kristi, Cathy and Teresa at XBIZ 2018 in Los Angeles.

We’re back from the west coast after a productive and fun week at Internext, XBiz and AVN. Huge thanks to the show organizers and everyone who met with us in Vegas and LA. As always, we appreciated the chance to speak with, and learn from, so many great people in our industry..

For those who didn’t get a chance to attend these fantastic events, we wanted to share some of the highlights, and hope to catch up with you soon!

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See SegPay at LALEXPO ’17

The SegPay team (Kristi, Teresa and Jeff) will be in Cartagena, Colombia July 10-12 for LALEXPO, one of the biggest trade shows in Latin America. This is our debut appearance at LALEXPO, where we will re-connect with old friends and make some new ones, while listening to what’s on the minds of the world’s leading Webcam content providers. We have an article coming in July, outlining ways that Cam programs can manage risk. So, while we’re very familiar with the space, we’re always learning and hope to come away from the show with some fresh insights on the state of the industry.

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Thoughts After a Fun and Productive Phoenix Forum

SegPay at the Phoenix Forum
The bespectacled trio of Christina (left), Jeff and Kristi represented SegPay at the Phoenix Forum March 22-26.

The SegPay team was in Arizona last week for the 2017 Phoenix Forum and we had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came to our Meet and Greet on Friday. It was great to catch up.

We had a lot of interesting conversations out in Phoenix, however one topic that seemed to dominate the festivities was Virtual Reality, and that, while many content providers are dabbling in these interactive technologies, there is still a healthy bit of skepticism about their eventual impact. That said, SegPay is working with a handful of merchants who have incorporated VR-based offerings and we can help you talk through strategies for driving more revenue through these programs.

A recurring topic of discussion, one that we touched on after attending XBiz and InterNext in January, was the need to periodically re-evaluate the billing solution that works best for you. In fact, we’ll be posting an article soon that discusses the three payment-processing scenarios that most high-risk merchants fall into – using a payment facilitator, a gateway or a combination of the two – and how to make the best decision for your business.

Thanks again to our hosts, and everyone who spent time with us in Phoenix. Looking forward to next year!