Get to Know a SegPay Employee: Jessica

It is that time again: time to get to know one of the people behind SegPay, and put a face and a story to a name you may already know. If you are a merchant who has interacted with our tech support team, it’s very possible you have talked or emailed with Jessica McFarLane before. A few months ago, Jessica transitioned to SegPay’s QA team. We sat down with Jessica in a conference room on a rainy September afternoon, and here’s what she had to say:

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Get to Know a SegPay Employee: Teresa

When asked what makes SegPay a successful company and a great place to work, we have an easy answer: our people. We know every company says that, but we really mean it! (Oh, right, everyone says that too 🙂 ). OK, well then we’re going to try and prove it by spotlighting some of our most dedicated, caring, smart and interesting employees on… a somewhat regular basis. So, welcome to the first in our new, ongoing series: Get to Know a SegPay Employee. Today, our multi-named (and talented) marketing manager, Teresa Grisham-Van Eps.

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