Common-Sense Tips For Preventing Chargebacks

Create a checklist with these simple tips to help reduce chargebacks.

A chargeback – when a consumer asks his credit card provider to refund a payment – is every merchant’s nightmare. It’s bad enough when a chargeback stems from an actual fraudulent transaction. Worse are the chargebacks that could have been avoided; for example, a consumer doesn’t recognize a charge – or is simply unhappy with a purchase – and calls the credit card company instead of you. You lose the sale and incur fees and, potentially, fines as well. And with too many chargebacks, banks could deem you too high a risk and freeze or even close your merchant account. Your business’s very existence is at stake. The good news: there are simple, common-sense measures you can take today to prevent most chargebacks from happening. Here are a few:

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Get Early Access to our New Merchant Portal

Demo On Phone Displaying Development Or Beta Version

The SegPay team is hard at work on an updated version of our Merchant Portal. The new portal no longer requires Silverlight and will support the latest browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox.

We’re introducing a number of new features to the portal, along with an updated design and enhanced interface, based on merchant feedback, and we’d love to hear what you think!

SegPay merchants interested in “kicking the tires” and sharing thoughts on our new release can email us at Over the next few weeks, we’ll reply to a handful of those emails with invitations to join our “Alpha release” and get a sneak peak at the new portal.

Please hang in there if we don’t contact you right away, since it’s very likely that we’ll reach out to additional testers after the initial group. We’re targeting May or June to introduce the initial features of the new portal to everyone. Thank you in advance for your help!

Thoughts After a Fun and Productive Phoenix Forum

SegPay at the Phoenix Forum
The bespectacled trio of Christina (left), Jeff and Kristi represented SegPay at the Phoenix Forum March 22-26.

The SegPay team was in Arizona last week for the 2017 Phoenix Forum and we had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came to our Meet and Greet on Friday. It was great to catch up.

We had a lot of interesting conversations out in Phoenix, however one topic that seemed to dominate the festivities was Virtual Reality, and that, while many content providers are dabbling in these interactive technologies, there is still a healthy bit of skepticism about their eventual impact. That said, SegPay is working with a handful of merchants who have incorporated VR-based offerings and we can help you talk through strategies for driving more revenue through these programs.

A recurring topic of discussion, one that we touched on after attending XBiz and InterNext in January, was the need to periodically re-evaluate the billing solution that works best for you. In fact, we’ll be posting an article soon that discusses the three payment-processing scenarios that most high-risk merchants fall into – using a payment facilitator, a gateway or a combination of the two – and how to make the best decision for your business.

Thanks again to our hosts, and everyone who spent time with us in Phoenix. Looking forward to next year!

Ready for a Merchant Account but Don’t Want to Handle Billing all by Yourself? SegPay Gateway Can Help

The SegPay Gateway, introduced in late 2016, is designed for businesses that have a merchant bank account but aren’t quite ready to take on the entire billing process themselves, including fraud protection and customer support. The Gateway also offers a bridge to merchants transitioning from Payment Facilitator arrangements, allowing them to maintain their global billing footprint and expanded payment options.

XBiz wrote about it:

“SegPay Gateway enables us to easily transition Payment Facilitator merchants to their own merchant account allowing them to unbundle traditional payment facilitator services and manage more on their own. It also offers a more flexible system for merchants selling products and point of sale services,” (said Cathy Beardsley, SegPay’s CEO).

The new SegPay Gateway, according to Beardsley, offers merchants the following simple advantages:

  • Quick implementation — System can be up and running in less than 48 hours;
  • Payment integration — Plugs into most major shopping carts and provides access to domestic and international banks;
  • Retention tools — Ability to provide access to membership and consumer retention tools including loyalty discounts and cross-selling features;
  • Merchant accounts — Merchants can choose from multiple international and domestic banks;
  • Business consulting — Dedicated team of payment professionals assisting with the implementation of SegPay Gateway; and
  • Safety and security — System offers customizable fraud detection tools.


The gateway is already gaining traction, both among conventional e-commerce businesses, and high-risk merchants who want to gradually transition from their Payment Facilitator to true billing independence.

Contact us to hear more about these early success stories, and find out how the SegPay Gateway can help you, whether you already have a merchant account or would like help finding one.

Faster Payments, Better Uptime, More Happiness

You should be experiencing all of these things, thanks to a recent migration of our servers to a new provider offering faster performance, more redundancy (so SegPay remains available even when a server goes down) and expanded capacity to accommodate our growth.

The migration gives us a disaster recovery site – in the event something ever happens to our main facility – which of course we hope to never use. It also provides increased protection against denial of service attacks. It’s all about making SegPay even more rock-solidly reliable for your payments.

Immediately, consumers should see a snappier response when submitting payments, and get quicker access to the content they paid for. Happy consumers mean happy merchants. And better uptime over the long term means more purchases flowing through our system. We’re all happy about that.

If you have any questions about how this news affects you, please email us at or contact your sales rep.

SegPay at The Phoenix Forum

We’re heading to the desert. The annual Phoenix Forum is March 22-26 at the Tempe (Arizona) Mission Palms Hotel, and SegPay is a co-sponsor. That means we are hosting the “Meet and Greet” on Friday March 24th from 4p-6p in the hotel courtyard. We recently introduced a new gateway service and we’d love to talk with you about that, or whatever is on your mind.SegPay at The Phoenix Forum

Contact our sales team to schedule a private meeting, or look for us at the show and say hi. We’ll be giving away awesome travel mugs (while they last)!

Hope to see you in Arizona!

Press Coverage of Our Recent Move

SegPay is in the news, and we wanted to share a few stories that recently appeared online:

Miami Herald:

SegPay, headquartered in South Florida for more than a decade, provides payment processing services for digital merchants in need of recurring billing solutions. Later this year, SegPay plans to expand further across Europe.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

Digital processing company SegPay has relocated to Deerfield Beach from Coral Springs.

South Florida Business Journal (subscription required):

SegPay specializes in high-risk credit card processing for online merchants and has called South Florida home for more than a decade.

YNOT Europe:

Digital payment processor SegPay tripled the size of its office floor space when the company relocated its headquarters from Coral Springs, Fla., to Deerfield Beach, Fla., Thursday. According to Chief Executive Officer Cathy Beardsley, the larger office space will allow SegPay to increase staff in preparation for a European expansion.

SegPay, a leader in digital payment processing, is relocating its corporate headquarters within South Florida, moving from Coral Springs to Deerfield Beach on Thursday, tripling the size of its office space to accommodate additional staff to support a growing client base.

Beardsley said that SegPay plans to continue to grow its workforce throughout 2017 and into 2018 to meet the needs of its merchants. This follows a year of investment in systems and staff that led to a 24 percent growth in overall revenue, she said.

We moved!


SegPay has been growing… to the point where we no longer fit in our office. 🙂 So we found a new one:

SegPay, a global leader in digital payment processing, is relocating its corporate headquarters within South Florida – moving from Coral Springs to Deerfield Beach on March 3, tripling the size of its office space to accommodate additional staff to support a growing client base.

Read the full story.

3-D Secure: Now Helping You Fight Fraud and Save Sales


SegPay now gives you another tool in the ongoing fight against chargebacks and fraud. In late 2016, we introduced 3-D Secure (3DS), the latest fraud prevention initiative from MasterCard and Visa. 3DS adds an extra layer of security, helping prevent unauthorized use of a consumer’s credit card and potentially freeing you from liability in the case of fraud or chargeback. And, 3DS helps save sales that otherwise may have been declined for fraud – we’re seeing between 2-7% of sales saved, on average.

You may already be familiar with 3-D Secure programs under the names Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code. Purchases by consumers whose issuing banks are enrolled in one of these programs are authenticated by the 3DS system. This happens quickly, and behind the scenes in the vast majority of cases, so consumers don’t see it and there is virtually no risk of a sale being abandoned. In very rare cases where certain fraud indicators are triggered, the consumer is prompted to enter a passcode, which is authorized by the issuing bank. These are the sales that would have been declined, and most likely lost, prior to 3DS.

You can customize 3DS to make your fraud detection more strict in certain cases, strengthening your chargeback protection. Just contact us and we’ll set it up for you.

Once a consumer is authenticated via 3DS, potential liability for any chargeback or fraud shifts to the cardholder – in most cases – and away from you. Note that for subscription products, the shifted liability only applies to the initial purchase and not recurring charges (rebills). This is also the case for One Click purchases. Even in those cases where liability does not shift, 3DS protection means the likelihood of chargeback or fraud is greatly reduced.

Call or email us anytime to learn more!

Merchants, Tell Us What’s New with You! (It’s actually really important)

Valentine’s Day was last week (for those who celebrate) so what better time to remind our merchants how much we love and appreciate you – and to invite you to call us anytime and tell us what’s new in your life and your business! Of course, the business side is where we can help most, and it really is important to keep us updated when things change – whether you moved to a new location, added a director to the team, you name it.


Keeping us up to date gives us the best chance to fight fraud and manage risk on your behalf. We’ve tried to make it easier and more secure to report company changes – in accordance with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. You can now download and use the following two documents from our support site to notify us about changes: (click on the document names).

SegPay Change of Data Form

Report new ownership, company name changes, or updates to contact or bank information here.

Note, for ownership changes, we’ll also ask for updated versions of the following documents:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Segpay service agreement: either US or EU.
  • Shareholder certificate
  • Passport of Officers or UBOs
  • Bank statement in the name of the company
  • Utility bill in the name of the company or principal

Funds Settlement Form

Use this form to change your payout information – specifically, to have funds sent to someone other than your named corporation.

Retired Websites

Please also notify us if you retire one of your websites. Just send an email to and we’ll remove the site from our system.

If you have any questions about these documents or anything else related to compliance procedures, contact us anytime. Looking forward to another Valentine’s day together!