Preview the Beta Version of SegPay’s New Merchant Portal

Preview the Beta Version of SegPay's New Merchant PortalIt’s been almost two months since a handful of SegPay merchants began using our new merchant portal. Their feedback has led to a number of fixes and improvements and we think the portal is in pretty good shape now – so, we’re opening it up to anyone who wants to try it out and help make it even better!

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Use Retention Offers to Keep Your Customers

SegPay merchants that set up retention offers have retained over 5% of customers who initially wanted to cancel.For online subscription-based businesses, customer cancellation (or churn) is a normal part of life. You can offer the best service at the best price, and you’re still going to lose customers eventually. Unless you are personally handling customer service, there’s rarely a chance to respond to a cancellation request the moment it happens. If only there was a way to reach out and try to entice a customer with a personal, last-ditch appeal to reconsider. Wouldn’t that be great? Retention offers let you do just that, by presenting your customer with a discount offer the moment he or she clicks the Cancel button or tells your customer support rep to end their subscription.

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Dynamic Recurring Billing Provides More Flexibility, Helps Boost Revenue

Dynamic Recurring Billing is for tech-savvy merchants seeking more flexibility to vary offers and boost revenue.Subscription billing can be fairly simple and straightforward: charge X for a trial period, then charge Y for a subscription that renews every 30 (or however many) days. But, what if you want more flexibility? What if you want to offer different combinations of access, perhaps involving many products or options, a la carte style? What if you want to vary your offers periodically to find which ones work best? If you are a tech-savvy merchant that would like more freedom and flexibility to vary your offers, Dynamic Recurring Billing might be right for you.

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Get to Know a SegPay Employee: Teresa

When asked what makes SegPay a successful company and a great place to work, we have an easy answer: our people. We know every company says that, but we really mean it! (Oh, right, everyone says that too 🙂 ). OK, well then we’re going to try and prove it by spotlighting some of our most dedicated, caring, smart and interesting employees on… a somewhat regular basis. So, welcome to the first in our new, ongoing series: Get to Know a SegPay Employee. Today, our multi-named (and talented) marketing manager, Teresa Grisham-Van Eps.

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Read Our “How-to” for Choosing the Right Billing Solution – in the April XBiz

XBIZA huge thank you to XBiz for publishing “Billing Solutions that Best Suit a Merchant’s Needs,” authored by our CEO, Cathy Beardsley in the April issue. The article helps merchants choose the best payment processing solution for their business. Here’s an excerpt:

Most merchants in the high-risk space fall into one of three processing categories: They either need the assistance of a payment facilitator to help manage risk, a payment gateway to take control of their credit card processing internally or a combination of the two solutions. Each model fits a different stage of a company’s lifecycle.

Let me share some details around each option in hopes of helping you make the best decision for your business.

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Common-Sense Tips For Preventing Chargebacks

Create a checklist with these simple tips to help reduce chargebacks.

A chargeback – when a consumer asks his credit card provider to refund a payment – is every merchant’s nightmare. It’s bad enough when a chargeback stems from an actual fraudulent transaction. Worse are the chargebacks that could have been avoided; for example, a consumer doesn’t recognize a charge – or is simply unhappy with a purchase – and calls the credit card company instead of you. You lose the sale and incur fees and, potentially, fines as well. And with too many chargebacks, banks could deem you too high a risk and freeze or even close your merchant account. Your business’s very existence is at stake. The good news: there are simple, common-sense measures you can take today to prevent most chargebacks from happening. Here are a few:

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